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    BUM in the Mud, BMAD, Into the Valley and You’ve Been Nabbed… if you were there, you (or your bike) may be featured in the July issue of Back Street Heroes! The rally season is now well and truly upon us, so as we approach the longest day (yes, it’s nearly here, can you believe it?) why not meet up with old mates and enjoy a few laughs this summer? Editor Nik, and many more folk besides, went to You’ve Been Nabbed, organised by the National Association for Bikers with a Disability. There, Nik was impressed by Lost Voice Guy – real name Lee Ridley, who has cerebral palsy – and wrote in his report of the event: “I can honestly say, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages – he’s amazing!” Well, well… over the

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Royal Enfield have recently launched a new version of their long-running Bullet Classic 500; the Pegasus, styled on, and a tribute to, the Flying Flea paratrooper bikes that were dropped into action with the Parachute Regiment in the Second World War. The Classic 500 Pegasus will cost £4,999 on the

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New MAG bod

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading voice for riders, is pleased to announce that it has recruited a director of campaigns and political engagement. The board of directors was impressed by the high calibre of applicants for the post and, following a rigorous interview process, the position has

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Being the main man behind Redmax Speedshop, the Devon-based business specialising in flat trackers and cafe racers, Steve Hillary has not only fed his adrenaline fix by racing flat-track, he’s also done hill-climbs, enduros, sidecar racing, supermoto, drag racing (using a Ducati in SuperTwins) and road racing too (again on

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About two-and-a-half years ago I first set eyes on this Triumph… well, not so much an actual Triumph, but more a loosely assembled frame-cum-basket case, freshly imported from Colorado. Words: Matt Williams Pics: Garry Stuart Then, some 18 months ago, I was told it was for sale through word of

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It’s funny, isn’t it, how some bikes can gain a reputation for being something special even before you’ve actually laid eyes on them? Words & pics: Ian Shipley Paddy O’Toole’s GPz750 chop is a fine example of this; everywhere I’ve been in the last year or so, knowing that I

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Some things are meant to be, aren’t they? They may take a bit of time, or a fairly convoluted and circuitous route, to come into fruition, but eventually The Fates ensure that two things that’re destined to be, come together in a fortuitous way. Words: Nik Pics: Alien4 Take Chris

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Let’s play a guessing game, shall we? Do you know which film made by George Miller, the director of the four Mad Max films – Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome, and Fury Road – is his most successful? Bet you can’t guess … are you ready for the answer?

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The Buell Cyclone wasn’t exactly the prettiest of bikes when it left Erik Buell’s loving hands… Words: Dave Pics: Garry Stuart IT had a long dual seat, deep side-panels and a deeply unattractive big suitcase-style appendage on the right-hand side of the motor that actually contained the air filter, but

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