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Of men and sheds…

I don’t know 
how up you are on the law of triviality? Parkinson’s law of triviality? And the concept that best illustrates it – that 
of bike-shedding? You’re not? No problem, read on 
and I’ll explain… Pictures: Simon Everett Back in 1957 a British naval historian named C. Northcote Parkinson

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A couple of issues ago we told you about Black Kat Kustoms, the brainchild of Tracey and Andrew Dyke from Shropshire, a leatherworking and bike building husband and wife team. Pictures: Simon Everett Despite the fact that they’re generally poorer than shit-house mice (like church-house mice, but with a much

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It’s been a few years since Sandy, the owner and driving force behind Triumph’ant Motorcycles in Wales, last had a bike in Back Street Heroes. Pictures: Simon Everett Back in the ’90s and early 2000s, bikes he’d built featured quite regularly among these pages, but as his business, specialising in

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There are people out there, strange, twisted people, who believe that colours other than black are eminently suitable for the painting of custom motorcycles. They are, of course, quite, quite wrong…  Pictures: Simon Everett For Billy Perks, the owner and builder of this ’ere Ironhead Sportster, there could be only one

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In search of freedom…

While many folk think that the opposite ends of the motorcycling world are road racing and custom biking, and that there is absolutely zero crossover, they’re actually deceiving themselves in that opinion, writes Dave M… Aside from the fact that bikes like those ridden by Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi

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