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Prior to its sad demise in 2013, Streetfighters magazine was the enfant terrible of motorcycle publishing; the magazine for people who like their motorbikes loud, aggressive and fast. It was a lifestyle magazine for those who like to live in the fast lane – like ‘Top Gear’ for bikers, but without the tweed, the too-tight jeans, and the bulging stomachs. It was loud, it was irreverent and it laughed at itself – it was a serious magazine that didn’t take itself too seriously.

Now, nearly two years on from the last published issue, IT’S BACK!

Better photography and better writing, but the same dedication to the cult of extreme performance motorcycles and, of course, the same wicked sense of humour that makes the magazine such a good read.

For just £6.99 (plus P&P) – Order your copy right now right here.

This first relaunch issue, titled Streetfighters 2.0, is 116 pages of high gloss, high definition, high quality motorcycular madness. To name just a few of the features in this first issue, there’s:

– A 200+ plus jet-powered bike that’s so fast it requires its rider to be physically strapped on

– A technological marvel that almost defies description

– A gloriously retro machine that looks like it should be in a glass case, but is capable of being ridden as hard as any modern bike

Each of the bikes featured is almost a rolling definition of the word ‘streetfighter’ in itself – these are the bikes that’ll bring out hi-viz-wearing, regulation-quoting Health & Safety ‘executives’ in a cold sweat; the bikes that look, to quote the venerable Edward Turner, the legendary designer of Triumph Motorcycles back in the day, ike they’re doing 100mph standing still; the bikes that, as we always used to say, belong to a maverick cult on the fringes of respectable motorcycling.

Streetfighters magazine may be dead and buried; Streetfighters 2.0 is back with a tyre-smoking, wheel-spinning, exhaust howling vengeance!

For just £6.99 (plus P&P) – Order your copy right now right here.