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Ring of Red M25, 2014

While I liked the idea of the Ring of Red ride, I'm not normally a fan of group riding and usually avoid it wherever possible. But I thought I'd make an exception for this event, especially as it marked 100 years. My thinking was - well if I don't like it I can … more

ISSUE 368: Paul Milbourn’s hand-built Honda

The cover bike in all its glory!

ISSUE 368: BSA B31

Stunning one-off homebuilt motorcycle!

ISSUE 368: Sickboyz Sportster

A truly rude-looking bike that needs a damn good spanking!

ISSUE 368: Carbon fibre BMW

Beautifully futuristic, yet retro, lowrider!

ISSUE 368: Lamb Engineering Norton

Gorgeous cafe racer from the maestros!

ISSUE 368: Norton 961 roadtest

Yep, we got to ride the new Norton!

ISSUE 368: Sportster bobber

They build ‘em tough in Yorkshire ...

ISSUE 368: Attitude H-D

Glorious hardtailed Harley!

ISSUE 368: Kwak & Sunbeam/Buell rats

The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

ISSUE 368: India

Wor Davey’s still riding up mountains!