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ISSUE 386: Kawasaki Z440 LTD

The cover bike in all its glory


Classic cafe racer in the best traditions

ISSUE 386: FJ1200

Badger baiting? Call the RSPCA!

ISSUE 386: Panther

Single-cylinder sloper sexiness!

ISSUE 386: Hopped-up Harley

Come an’ ‘ave a go if y’ think y’ fast enough!

ISSUE 386: Ironhead Sporty

With a distinctly XS1100esque gearbox by the sound of it…

ISSUE 386: Shovelhead Harley

Doin’ it old-skool

ISSUE 386: H-D Shovelhead

Sexy Swede from the land of the midnight sun

ISSUE 386: Bindian

Classic-looking with a homemade engine… yes, you did read that right, homemade engine!

ISSUE 386: And also…

Radical Bike Show – across the water in French France some of the best bikes in Europe gather… ExCeL London Motorcycle Show – the first big display of the cream of 2016’s custom bikes.

ISSUE 385: Cover bike

The coolest Bantam on the planet!

ISSUE 385: Steampunk H-D

Built and owned by a wonderfully mad chap!

ISSUE 385: Triton

Doin’ it old skool, and how!

ISSUE 385: Ultima

V.posh street scrapper

ISSUE 385: Z1100 trike

Frae Scatland, y’ken

ISSUE 385: Harley trike

Some of the most amazing paint anywhere