Rare Breed, revisited!

Far back in the mists of ancient time (well, 1991 anyway), in issue 167 of this very magazine, Rich King, erstwhile photographer/scribe of this parish, went to see a guy named Nigel from Lincolnshire about his really rather stunning long, low, blue DOHC 750 Honda chop called Rare Breed.

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Porky, who built the glorious Shovelhead elsewhere in this issue, as mentioned in the article, built a 750/4 chop back in the ‘80s – the first bike he built, registration number JMC 491W. According to the DVLA, it hasn’t been on the road since its last MoT in 2018, so

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Tony Cooper's monster wheeled Victory Hammer 1731 cc

At The Moment…

As’s been mentioned a few times over the last few months, some bikes’ve taken a while to get photographed for the magazine because of delays imposed by Covid and lockdowns. Some, though, take a while to get photographed ‘cos the owner(s)’re forever pulling the feckin’ things apart and redoing them…

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