Rare Breed, revisited!

Far back in the mists of ancient time (well, 1991 anyway), in issue 167 of this very magazine, Rich King, erstwhile photographer/scribe of this parish, went to see a guy named Nigel from Lincolnshire about his really rather stunning long, low, blue DOHC 750 Honda chop called Rare Breed.

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The New BMW R 18

The new BMW R 18 mega-cruiser is BMW’s first foray into the cruiser market in a good few years, and has a newly developed 2-cylinder boxer engine with a displacement of 1,802 cc, peak power of 91hp, and over 150 Nm of torque. The styling is based on the 1936

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Cool Bike Shed Video

With the whole world in complete lockdown, and therefore plenty of spare time to fill, Gary Goodacre thought he’d create a virtual bike show video for those with withdrawal symptoms, allowing him to indulge his three passions (well, the three he can talk about in public anyway…); motorcycles, street photography;

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