Oxford jeans

Oxford original jeans

Oxford Original jeans’re are made from Armourlite – a new single-layer fabric with a polyamide fibre (a hard-wearing material originally developed by the military for parachute cords) woven into the denim, which means that you don’t have bulky/unsightly Kevlar patches sown into the inside, so they look and, very importantly,

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Weise Marin trousers

Now that we’re deep in the clutches of winter one needs decent winter trewsers and these, ladies an’ gennulmen, are just that. They’re actually all-season trousers, although they may be a little warm for our summers (the quilted thermal lining is removable though), and as such are made of a

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Caberg XTrace helmet

This very light, very comfortable adventure-style helmet is perfect for normal bikes too; it has a wide viewing aperture, a visor that locks in place so doesn’t fly open/slam shut if you ride with it open a notch, a useful drop-down sun visor, an inner chin-guard to stop draughts blowing

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