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Well, I thought we had just about trumped it when we secured this gorgeous 1200 Sportster as the competition prize bike, then Nik secured new kit for the winner from our wonderful advertisers, next up was Principal Insurance with the Insurance offer, and lastly MAG Europe – suppliers of all things ‘bling’ to customise your Harley-Davidson have topped it all off with an extra thousand pounds worth of goodies of your choice!

Is this magazine not amazing!? I dread to think what we’ll have to come up with to beat this! (lol)

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IMG_0860  Mail from week one.

It’s now several months later, the competition is drawing to a close and the postal entries are coming in. The task of typing all these names onto a spreadsheet is a tedious one, but is brightened by the little drawings and comments some of you have added to your letters and envelopes 🙂 IMG_1114IMG_1112

IMG_1109 IMG_1111 IMG_1110 IMG_1108 IMG_0866 IMG_0865 IMG_0864 IMG_0863

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At last! The winner has been drawn and responded to the notification that he is the lucky winner! It’s amazing how many people sent in entries without a phone number!

Anyway, while the lucky chap is recovering from the shock, I thought I’d better let the rest of you know that the gorgeous 1200 Sportster will be going to Scunthorpe as soon as we’ve organised all the other goodies in the appropriate sizes for him 🙂


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