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The Ulysse GPS Speedometer App does So Much More!!

The rather clever chaps over in Switzerland have developed this rather snazzy looking and amazingly clever GPS Speedo app – it also has a compass and an altimeter if you’re into some really adventurous exploring! Truly multi-functional you can use it on your bike, car, skateboard, use it while mountain biking, skiing, even hang-gliding!

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The clever chaps at Binary Toys contacted us because they thought the app would useful for customised bikes (i.e., you lot) who may require an additional / replacement / more functionality speedo, or even just to show the correct speed after changing wheel sizes. Some of their biker-users have reported its head-up display functionality useful for displaying the speed large and clear (when mounted!). Since its launch five years ago, Ulysse has accumulated over 3.5 million worldwide downloads ~ that’s a lot of people who thought it was worth a look 🙂

Plus, UK bikers riding in Europe have a simple way of switching between mph, km/h, or even knots!

With an included recording tracker, altimeter, compass, and—last but not least—a racing meter to measure acceleration times of 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile, there is sure to be something for your readers to find useful.

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The Ulysse GPS Speedometer Android app has two versions, a Free, and a Pro for £1.99. For lots more info on this multifunctioning gizmo from Binarytoys Lab see their web site www.binary-toys.chUlysse GPS 1 hud-blue-1024x586



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