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This talented young artist from London got in touch with us hoping to find some support by way of promoting his art work. I had a look at the web site, and there are a couple of pieces that I thought ‘Yeah, I like that’ 🙂 .. and this is one of them

Albie Espinola painting large

I’m not one for telling people what they should and shouldn’t like, but if you like this one, or are just a bit inquisitive, go check out Albie’s web site

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Albie’s dream is to be the modern David Mann of the motorcycle world, and when I look at the features of the rider in this painting, I really get the impression he’s someone I might know .. so I reckon he’s in with a chance 🙂

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Update:  One year later and young Albie Espinola has made quite an impact! His talents have been shared widely through social media and this week I picked up this review which I would like to share with you ..

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What makes writing about riders located around the world difficult is being stymied by distance and reliant on technology to get some sense for the person beyond their response to the questions posed. Such is particularly the case with Albie Espinola an artist, biker and Londoner who could be hanging with an eclectic mix of young clubbers one night and bikers of varying age the next. One look at his Facebook page and you’ll see what I mean. Who wouldn’t want to hang with Albie for a week?

If you get a chance, here’s what you’ll notice – besides that wild bleached out Mohawk. Albie’s a guy that may seem like he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Maybe it’s that constant Cheshire grin. But a look at his art and you see that nothing could be further from the truth. That cat with nothing but a grin to leave behind shouldn’t be mistaken as a sign of “I don’t give a damn.” Think of it more like “I’m having a freakin’ good time. Why the hell aren’t you?”

You can read more about Albie in the full feature at …

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