Versatile Trike by R.S.C


This Versatile Trike by R.S.C was spotted recently when I went to get my car fixed. I knew this guy had built a trike a few years ago but had no idea how far he had developed the idea. Richard Norman of R.S.C Custom Fabrication is making trikes specifically designed for people with disabilities, and this sporty looking trike has had a lot of thought put into its design ..


Rich at RSC has spent the last two years perfecting his design to make his Trike as practical and adjustable as possible. It is powered by a 1600cc car engine with automatic gearbox, thus doing away with the need for a clutch and gear changing, the remaining controls are all handlebar mounted as usual.

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This versatile trike has wide access on both sides to suit whichever the rider finds easier for getting on and off, and a rack can be added to carry the riders mobility aids while travelling. There is no rack on this trike at the moment because Rich will make a customised rack if required specifically for the owners’ needs. His focus throughout is to meet the needs of the individual and tailor the vehicle to suit.

Arm rests and seat belts – lap or three point, are fitted to meet the needs and preferences of the rider, as would be something like a side guard to protect a lazy leg. Rich has made all the moulds for the bodywork himself thus keeping production in-house which helps him keep the price down. Rich’s next project is a power steering version for people with less upper body strength.

The Trike pictured above is just registered and up for sale at £12,000 and Rich aims to keep the price at around this mark, though he concedes that a fancy paint job would have to be extra.

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For more information about this Trike, or getting one built to meet your needs, contact Richard Norman at R.S.C Custom Fabrication. Tel 07801 506723. He can also be found on Facebook.


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