Framed Cruiser Screens from Powerbronze

Powerbronze International, based in West Sussex, are offering framed cruiser screens to suit a large range of custom bike models in three sizes. Dreadnought: 57cm (h) x 47cm (w) is available in clear or light tint at £180. Colossus: 56cm (h) x 56cm (w) also in clear or light tint at £190, and the shorter Vanguard model is 40cm (h) x 47cm (w) comes in clear, light-tint and also in darker colours at £170. All screens come with stainless steel fittings and instructions. For more information contact or call 01903 783222

Powerbronze Dreadnought ScreenPowerbronze Vanguard-dark-tintPowerbronze Colossus Screen


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