Bulldog Bash 2016


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The Mighty Bulldog Bash is back again for another bite. 2015 was a real blast, and you made it so, by turning up, and doing what you do, and doing it so well. Thanks to all of you who put your trust in us and turned up. The only right and proper way to thank you, is to do it all again.

The old faithful and traditional Bulldog entertainments will of course be back; the astonishing Wall of Death, the fairground attractions, a great selection of hand-picked food vendors, providing decent snap for all tastes and all pockets, shopping and stalls a-plenty, providing everything that your significant other has just decided they cant live without for another second, and everything that you lost on the way down. And of course there’ll be the bike show, showcasing the best bikes the country has to offer.

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Not forgetting of course, the one thing that makes this event stand out head and shoulders amongst the rest, The Drag Strip. Settle down and take in the awesome hi-octane and hi-andrenaline petrolhead displays. Even join in, if you dare… Remember, When The Flag Drops, The Bullshit Stops. Nothing blows the cobwebs off, or settles bar arguments, quite like howling your bike down the strip for ¼ mile. All excuses become invalid, and bragging rights unquestionable.

As evening falls, take a stroll over to the massive indoor bar and stage marquee, grab yourself a proper pint of top name beer, still at the unbeatable price of £2.50/pint, and settle down for an evening of great entertainment from the top class bands we have lined up for you, and party like only bikers can. If you’re not impressed, stagger over to the rock karaoke tent and show us how it should be done…

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