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Chris’ story ~ After hours of trawling the Internet and various magazines for mirrors which wouldn’t detract from the look of the trike, I began to realise there wasn’t such an item, so as is often the case with me, I decided I had to create something myself.
As you can see in the photos the mirror is certainly minimalist and in keeping with the trike’s image.Trick mirrors on trike
Many people have commented on the mirrors (positively) and asked “where did you get that from?” So I thought why not start making them. If any of your readers are interested they can be purchased online for £5.99 each free p&p (or £5.00 if they mention this ad and send me a cheque directly).
The mirrors measure 33mm x 24mm (I can also make them in 22mm x 16mm but vision is obviously reduced.)
The mirrors are adhesive so can be secured anywhere on a 1″ bar. They will also fit 3/4″ or 1 1/4″ as long as the bar isn’t too ‘pulled back’ (that said, any angle of bar can be accommodated with a little more time, patience and money)Trick mirrors close up and the mirrors only weigh 3 grams!

Now I realise I’m tapping into a pretty niche market here (it’s not gonna make me a millionaire!) but that’s not the point. Getting the right accessory for the right vehicle is, and if like me you want something different or something you can’t buy off the shelf then try these.

If you like what you see you can contact Chris Yeomans on 07984439673 or [email protected]

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