You've Been Nabbed 25

The NABD rally is one of the earlier of the big rallies, where we can enjoy the delights of the English spring weather … mostly thanks to the huge marquees and fantastic indoor entertainment put on by the NABD, so let’s see what they have lined up for us next/this year (depending on when you read this) 🙂


The 25th annual national NABD rally will take place on 6th – 8th May 2016 at Astle Park, near Chelford in Cheshire. In addition to celebrating 25 years of the You’ve Been Nabbed rally and indeed 25 years of the NABD itself, we will also be celebrating our 10th year on the Astle Park site.


Advance tickets are now on sale at £30.00 each.

To buy advance tickets by Credit/Debit card call 0844 415 4849 or go to the on-line shop at or you can send a cheque made payable to ‘NABD’ in the post to;

NABD, Unit 20, The Bridgewater Centre, Robson Avenue, Manchester, M41 7TE. (Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope).


You can also buy the You’ve Been Nabbed 25 rally pin badges in advance with your ticket. Order at the discount price of £2.50 each (they will be £3.00 each on site).

In addition to the usual spectacular array of entertainment throughout the weekend, YBN25 will have plenty of surprises thrown in, as is befitting a twenty-fifth anniversary celebration.

As always we will be keeping our bar prices low and ensuring that the You’ve Been Nabbed rally remains the best value for money rally on the UK bike scene.


There is a ‘Community Page’ for this event on Facebook where regular updates will be posted as things progress at:

There is also an event page on Facebook at:



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