Albie's Girl

Many of you will have seen the work of talented young artist Albie Espinola on Facebook, at Kickback Chelsea, or possibly at his art exhibition in London earlier this month. Here is his latest piece dedicated to the right girl ..

Albies Girl

Sometimes a message of love is needed so even for a few moments there will be a little less hate in the world.



 She’s the girl who hopes for a better day.

The girl who doesn’t care what people think or say about her.


She’s the girl that believes in me when others don’t. 

She’s the girl who stays calm when she could complain.

She’s the girl who is strong for others when people feel weak.


She’s the girl who picks herself up every time she falls.

The one who, when we fell off a motorcycle we laughed our hearts out while laying on a road.

She’s the girl I call the other blade to my scissor.

Albie Espinola
07815 656 440


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