Rock & Blues Custom Show 2016

As promised in the write up – issue 391 November 2016

Here are the pictures and details for both runners up and winners at this event:

Starting with a pretty picture of the trophies ~ all provided by Back Street Heroes of course 🙂

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Then the runners up ~ (if the spellings are wrong it’s down to your handwriting!)

Chopper: Jason Hallam Suzuki GS1000; Classic & Vintage:  ‘Eggo’ Suzuki GT750; Paint: David Griger XV1700 Warrior; Scooter & Honda Cub: ‘Root’ 1200 Harley with a gorgeous Viking theme. [Yes they know it doesn’t fit but he was smiling all the same]; Streetfighter: ‘Tommy’; Bobber: ‘Shane’ 883 hardtailed Sportster; Ladies: The BSH 250 Herald project bike; Harley: Keith Bones 1600 Harley Rocker; Engineering: Rob Wood 175cc BSA; Shed Built: Sean ‘Bats’ GSXR1100 hardtail; Trike: Marc Burnett Kawasaki 1500; Car: (no name) Ford Anglia; Best In Show: Shaun Stoney-Jones 883 ‘Stoney-Broke’.

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dsc_0752 dsc_0756


dsc_0775 dsc_0779

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dsc_0794 dsc_0798

dsc_0812 dsc_0818

dsc_0831 dsc_0834dsc_0845 dsc_0848

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dsc_0861 dsc_0867


dsc_0898 dsc_0897

dsc_0915 dsc_0919

dsc_0948 dsc_0954

dsc_0931 dsc_0934a

And next the winners:

Chopper: Nick Argyle Honda Swedish Chop ‘Rusty n’ Fast’; Classic & Vintage: ‘Stace’ 1941 Indian 741; Paint: Paul Stolworthy Martek Monster Turbo; Scooter & Honda Cub: David Sims Lambretta/Vespa PX200 ‘Tangerine Dream’; Streetfighter: Jayne Moore 1200 Suzuki in Viper frame; Bobber: Nick Potter 1275 Harley ‘Iron Horse’; Ladies: Kim Phelan Streetfightered R1; Harley: Mave Tamworth 1584 H-D; Engineering: Michael Bond Ruggerini Diesel; Shed Built: Roy Gilby Yamaha XV1000; Trike: Lukas Audi A8 based Kaspir; Car: Jon Moonshine VW Beetle; Best In Show: (no name) 1958 Triumph 650 in an early 40’s frame.

dsc_0757 dsc_0759

dsc_0769 dsc_0770

dsc_0783 dsc_0788

dsc_0803 dsc_0808

dsc_0823 dsc_0827

dsc_0837 dsc_0841

dsc_0853 dsc_0855

dsc_0870 dsc_0876

dsc_0883 dsc_0886

dsc_0903 dsc_0908

dsc_0922 dsc_0928

dsc_0937 dsc_0942

dsc_0957 dsc_0961

And of course there is always a little star of the show … 🙂


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