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M16 – Extreme Products for Extreme Sports

Based in the leisure craft industry this company are expanding into the wider extreme sports fields and producing a product adept at cleaning grubby quad bikes, salt-stained jet-skis and mud caked dirt bikes as well as of course your pride and joy custom. They have recently launched three new products to their range – #1. Extreme Bike Clean which is carbon-fibre, disc brake and vinyl wrap friendly, #2. Pro Finish for showroom shine and protect, and cleans helmets, goggles, boots etc. with no water required, and last but not least,  #3. Helmet & Bike Guard which protects your bike, helmet, boots and kit from dirt stains, oil stains, anodised fading, grease and finger marks etc.

While we were at the NEC we were offered these products to test so I dug out a helmet that had been gathering dust in the garage and lain uncleaned with about three years of road dirt on it.


 I rinsed off the dust with slightly soapy water, to at least give this new stuff a fighting chance, which removed the dust but pretty much nothing else ..

 This is what it looked like after the soapy water rinse off, then I set to with the new products and a microfibre cloth and the results were amazing!

 My manky old lid sparkles like new!


M16’s advertising claims you can spray their bike guard product on your header pipes, exhaust and engine to stop dirt burning in, and it also stops oil and acids from dirt corroding your engine (but we haven’t tested that bit yet).

It can also be sprayed on your riding gear to prevent dirt sticking or staining.

To locate your nearest stockist contact Pete Weide at Marine 16 Ltd 01666 817577 or e-mail info@marine16.co.uk Alternatively, search their website  www.marine16.co.uk



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