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‘Slap my wrists and call me Dave’ but I’m forever getting told off for referring to Into The Valley, The Farmyard Party and The Yorkshire Pudding as MAG Events, but that’s because in my head, as they are raising funds to support MAG, then to me, and probably quite a lot of other people, they are MAG. But they’re not. They are actually organised by Magic Action Promotions – all volunteers I hasten to add!

Anyway, I have digressed … this year (2017) Into The Valley has relocated to a slightly more sheltered location, which will hopefully subdue its reputation for being ‘a tad on the chilly side’. The Farmyard Party will once again be in Mr Duncome’s front garden, and The Yorkshire Pudding will hopefully be gloriously sunny once again.

Sadly I am going to miss ITV this year as I have a prior engagement, but BSH will be at the Farmyard Party as usual, and (transport permitting) I will get up to the Pudding as well.

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To find out more about these three fantastic rallies and organise your all-important tickets, check out MAP’s brand new super-doper interactive web-site at

Ride safe and I’ll see you there! 🙂


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