Introducing: Inglorious Motorcycles

When this press release dropped into my mail box I had no idea what to expect, but after watching their video I knew exactly what to expect from Sam Evans who is ~ Inglorious Motorcycles.

Sam set up Inglorious Motorcycles three years ago to specialise in building and renovating classic bikes. He comes from a motorsport and racing background so he knows his way around a bike. He likes to ‘de-clutter’ a bike and create something with an individual style that is unique to each owner. (He calls it renovating, we call it customising).

Tom & Tom have captured the essence of what Sam’s custom builds are all about – it’s not the bike that make his builds special, it’s his attention to detail and his skills at interpreting the character of the owner into the details of the bike. Sam says that when you ride your bike, however often or seldom that may be, you can get away from yourself, but I beg to differ – I think you can find yourself.


Congratulations to Tom Bryan and Tom McCagherty for a lovely bit of filming:



More info can be found at


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