S&S Quickee Pushrods for 2017 Touring models, with M8 engines

S&S cams for Touring models with M8 engines canimprove power and peace of mind. The S&S 465 cam is available in chain drive and gear drive versions. Both provide a substantial increase in performance. The gear drive 465G and the stock spec gear drive 350G cams also provide extra peace of mind by eliminating the cam drive chain and tensioner.

• Bolt-in! Compatible with all stock valve train components*
• Gear drive cams provide improved valve timing accuracy

Camshaft kit, gear driven
Camshaft & gear kit include camshaft, drive gear and driven gear on camshaft. Includes all required bearings, o-rings and hardware.
558692 350G
558693 465G
Application recommendations:
350G: Bolt-in stock grind for 107″ M8 engines. Not more power, just for people that want to eliminate the stock chain drive
465G: Bolt-in, increased torque and horsepower


Camshaft kit, chain driven
For the M8. Chain driven camshaft kit. Includes all required bearings, o-rings and hardware.
558696 465C
Application recommendations:
465C: Bolt-in, increased torque and horsepower

Cam drive installation support kit
Used when changing cams. Includes camshaft cover gasket, o-rings and an inner bearing.
558689 For chain drive camshaft
558690 For gear drive camshaft


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