S&S Quickee Pushrods for 2017 Touring models

S&S Quickee Pushrods for 2017 Touring models, with M8 engines, make cam changes a snap! Use a bolt cutter to cut the stock pushrods out of the engine. The money saved in labor, by not having to disassemble rocker covers and coolant lines to remove them, more than makes up for the cost of the Quickees! Besides S&S Quickee pushrods are super strong and adjustable!

• Save time and money on cam change – Cut those stock pushrods!
• Can be installed and removed without disassembling rocker boxes or coolent lines
• Super strong chromoly steel reduces pushrod flex
• Adjustable – Compatible with all cams and tappets

2017 M8 Touring
512516 All engines (pushrods only)
558660 All engines (pushrods & covers)

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