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In the Harley supplement with the August issue of BSH, Nik wrongly credited the feature on the black Sportster, Bootlegger, to Custom Chrome Europe. It was actually a W&W Cycles build. All the parts listed in the article are available to purchase for your bike from the W&W Cycles catalogue at your local W&W dealer, or direct from their website at www.wwag.com. Nik would like to apologise to W&W for any misunderstandings caused.

Here’s the parts list from the W&W catalogue used in the build:

30-460 Bates Baja stoneguard for 5.75” headlights

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13-398 Badlands load equalizer III

93-503 LeBeeF Baja engine skid plate

19-395 RSD cafe racer speedometer mounting bracket

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19-397 RSD indicator light unit

20-369 Fehling clip-on handlebars

35-208 Syotz cafe racer fuel tank

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18-126 Bitubo shock absorbers

45-739 RSD Traction foot-pegs

23-058 Kellermann BL2000 LED front indicators

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22-146 Kellermann Dark DF Micro 1000 LED rear indicators with tail-light/stoplight function

40-761 Speed of Color cafe racer tail section

16-278 Progressive Suspension fork spring kit

01-310 Cannonball MAG-12 2.5×19” cast alloy front wheel

01-240 Cannonball MAG-12 3×16” cast alloy rear wheel

27-000 Bates Baja 130/90B16 73T tyre

27-001 Bates Baja 100/90-19 57T

28-279 Rick’s Classic Steve 11.5” brake disc

28-277 Rick’s Classic Steve 10” brake disc

29-714 Performance Machine 125X4SL brake caliper

27-975 Performance Machine caliper bracket

12-680 Dynojet recalibration module

65-491 S&S Stealth air cleaner

65-486 S&S Stealth air cleaner cover

64-011 S&S 1200 conversion kit

61-211 EMD Ribster rocker housings

81-002 EMD Ribster outer primary cover

80-915 TPP centrifugal weight-assisted clutch pressure plate

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