Darkstar Leatherworks Lifesaver!

We’ve mentioned the Keis heated waistcoats in the mag a few times over the years, and everyone who’s got one swears by them for making winter riding much less of a chore than it would be otherwise, but did you know they’re also a literal lifesaver too?

Long-time BSH reader and owner of the most gorgeous GSX-R streetfighters on the planet, Steve Conway was riding to work very early one morning back in January when he came across a man lying on the pavement, obviously in a bad way. Steve, who works in Brighton hospital, and a passing nurse immediately went to his aid, and found that the man was going into hypothermic shock and needed to be warmed up quickly. Steve put his Keis waistcoat on to the man and turned it up to full, and was told by the ambulance staff that arrived shortly afterwards that doing so probably saved the man’s life. Well done, chap!

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