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If you’ve been with us from the start, you’ll know Back Street Heroes was lovingly conceived in 1983… the love child of outstanding engineering genius and creative, imaginative styling.

And so the baby grew: raised by a kindly readership, nurtured by the hand of enthusiastic writers and photographers, guided by the alternative lifestyle and given the energy to develop into a force for good.

Now, as that embryonic creation has matured into a fully grown publication, we celebrate 35 years with a look back through that tiny tot’s snapshot album. In the pages of the January 2019 issue you’ll find some of the best articles from the very first issue, when BSH was funny, entertaining, packed with great bikes, pictures of bikers at shows and rallies, and the legendary Odge was, well… legendary. And guess what – nothing’s changed! It’s all of the above, and more.

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In addition to our regular articles by MAG chair Selina Lavender and the enthusiastic engineering expertise of Mr Bridges, regular motorcycle artwork by Louise Limb – a centrefold ‘staple’ – is this month assigned to the pages of Jim Fogg’s spine-shuddering fiction from back in the day.

Wor Davie sheds a tear as he hands back the Indian long-term test bike, we’ve got some great letters for you to enjoy, and loads of news and products to have a look at (potential Christmas presents, if anyone’s buying…?) Editor Nik, meanwhile, embraces the spirit of the festive season… sort of.

There’s quite a bit going on during the winter months, and if you’re reading this in early December you’ll find you can play Santa yourself – check out the toy and pet food runs in the events pages. If you’re going to a winter rally, take heed of the sound advice from Rick Hulse… we want you riding alongside us again in the new year.

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