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Beeline Moto is a revolutionary new motorcycle sat nav that makes navigation on a bike easy and safe, writes BSH editor Nik Samson. It’s a neat little round unit that attaches to the front of your bike (on the dash or the ’bars or a mirror stalk, wherever you can see it) and, once your planned journey’s been entered into the corresponding app, shows you the direction you need to travel in, and how far it is to the next turning. I’ve been using one for a couple of months now, and it’s excellent, and does away with the need for a bulky, obvious, and nickable, navigation unit mounted on your ’bars, or a Bluetooth headset in your helmet.

It’s fully waterproof, and shockproof, and the battery lasts for 30 hours of use between charges (compared to around five on traditional ’navs), and it’s easy to read both day and night. A range of mounts allow it to be attached to any bike’s handlebars or tank, while the twist-lock mechanism allows the unit to be clipped on and off the bike in moments.

It costs just £149 (for the plastic version, there’s a metal version for £199), and you can get one from www.beeline.co

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