Mastiff… it’s the dog’s!

The Mastiff is Mutt Motorcycles’ most detail-laden, beautiful and hardwearing bike with a fuel-injected engine for extra poke, a stainless steel exhaust with an unmistakable bark, and a huge new 17-litre tank to take you further than ever before.

Mastiff from Mutt Motorcycles
Plenty of bark and bite, and it won’t pee up your leg…

It has classic British styling and counts no less than Tom Hardy and James May among its fans.

It weighs a featherweight 105kg, has a 31-inch seat height (but the seat’s narrow so most folk’ll be able to get their tootsies down), is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder and 125cc engine that puts out a learner-legal 12hp.


The mastiff has a useful top whack of 70mph. It comes in black ‘n’ silver with a tan seat, and cool-looking knobbly tyres too.

Prices start at £3,495, and there’s a two-year warranty. Get more info from


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