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Home By Seven – All seven continents on two wheels


I don’t usually read all the books that get sent to the mag (too many for a start), but something about Home By Seven made me start and, d’y’know what, I’m glad I did.

The tale of a woman’s plan to ride a motorcycle on all seven continents (yes, including Antartica!), Steph pulls no punches talking about her life prior to, and during, this trip, and she doesn’t fill the book with flannel either.

Home by Seven

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She tells it like it is (was), and comes across, unlike a fair few of these adventure book authors, as human, normal, not some sort of off-road/mega-endurance superhero – someone who’s going to do her best to live her dream trip as best she can without being too precious or demanding about it.

Home by Seven

I won’t spoil any of it by giving owt away cos it’d lessen your enjoyment of the book – all I will say is that if you have any spirit or interest in travelling distances on motorcycles, then read this.

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It really is one of the very best adventure travel books I’ve read.

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