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Toasty toes.. If you’ve never worn heated socks before you should give ’em a try. The Mrs suffers with cold feet and now has two pairs of heated socks. If she likes them, you’ll like them!

Keis S302 heated socks

The Keis S302 heated socks are made from a thin, lightweight and breathable soft-shell material, Keis Heated Socks are designed to be worn over a pair of normal socks. Each pair features Micro Alloy Element Technology, for instant warmth when it’s needed. Current draw is a modest 0.6Amps. They can be powered directly from the 12-Volt motorcycle battery, with the power lead supplied. Alternatively, Y-leads – also in the box – enable the user to run power from a Keis Heated Jacket or Vest down each leg to the Heated Socks. The socks are fully machine washable and the heating elements enjoy a lifetime warranty.

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£85 | keisapparel.com

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