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Dear BSH, 

We’re in need of a little bit of a hand since our friend Ralph Short took ill in Thailand. Some of you may know Ralph or have heard of him, but for those who haven’t, Ralph’s a very involved member of NCC Thailand, and’s worked tirelessly for the last year with the organising of their independence party that was held (with great success) 4-12 Feb.

Unfortunately, at the end of January he suffered a stroke and as if that, and missing the party he’d worked so hard on, wasn’t bad enough, after further tests he was then diagnosed with a brain tumour. He’s since had surgery, but’ll need further treatment likely to consist of radiotherapy.

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NCC Thailand have set up a gofundme-type page with something called ‘weeboon’ but so far’ve only made just over 30,000 baht. Now I know that might sound a lot (it did to me), but only equates to approx £700. Ralph’s medical bill is around 1,000,000 baht – roughly £24k. My hubby Mik is a long-term subscriber, and it was through Mik that I came to know Ralph. He’s a lovely bloke, not to mention that he’s built some cracking bikes over the years as well as helping us and countless others with ours, and I’d like to get some help to raise awareness of this funding page for Ralph and get him back to good health;


Hoping the biking community can pull together for this one!

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Thanks a million.

Gail and Mik Lavelle

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