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2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse - Raven parked in front of a hilly view

The journey to Raven’s current form started simply with changing the drag bars to 14″ ape hangers and moving the standard mid pegs to forward control boards by kuryakyn 

Alba Customs in Saltire Motorcycles Edinburgh worked their magic to make this bike truly unique. Both front and rear fenders have been lowered. Number plate has been relocated to the rear spindle. The rear tyre has been upsized to a 200 from standard 180. Micro indicators from Kellerman and Wunderkind provide subtitle functionality. Hurley custom seats sculpted a beautifully unique seat of alcantara and leather to fit the bike perfectly and continue the flowing lines of the bike.

Standard hand and feet controls have been powdercoated, to compliment the Rizoma mirrors. 

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The front forks have be coated with titanium nitrate by Brooks Suspension to make them black. The tank and fenders have been painted titanium grey with two gloss black stripes running the length of the bike. The side panels have been hand painted with the bikes name Raven.

Some short pipes from Black Kat Pipez and a round high flow air cleaner give the bike a very unique sound. 

Roddy Short from West Lothian has riden bikes since childhood and loves how these big cruisers can surprise you with there performance while turning heads everywhere they go.

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