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TOTO's blue 1997 GSX600F Suzuki, Super Gallus, parked up

My dad got me into bikes when I was a teenager, used to watch him and friends ride away to rallies, I stayed home looking through his old bike mags AWOL, Streetfighters and BSH. He then took me along later to rallies such as Stormin the Castle and I was hooked and sent me on the biker road. Years later I joined my local mc the blue angels South East and that’s when I got my chopper, my thoughts were to build something the original boys would have rode in the 60s/70s, a bit of a tribute to all the guys that aren’t here now but paved the way for the younger generation. So it’s had lots of changes over the years but now I think it’s exactly how I want it. And looking back at old pics it’s definitely as ruff and ready as the bikes in the past.

Hardtail frame, Bandit engine,1970s springer with pull back bars, Harley 21 inch front wheel, cb back wheel ,king and queen seat hand made ,sissy bar hand made with claymore sword attached, hand painted tank bit of a rat bike and bits from everything lol

Thomas aka TOTO 

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