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Pearl red Bandit 600 HUC rigid originally built by Richie Lowe.

This bike was originally built by Richie Lowe and I found it on Marketplace, a little scruffy but a solid-running Bandit 600 for fair money. It’d been through a few guys from CCW which only added to the provenance as far as I’m concerned. 

I rebuilt the bike from the frame up, polished anything alloy, had the frame powdered and replaced all the fasteners. Having said that, I’d never claim credit for the design and build- this was done right first time by Richie. The welding and engineering on this bike is brilliant, I plan never to sell it.
The last owner had his son in law lay down the pearl red finish and  it’s still nice so it’s stayed. 

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I’ve  been dabbling in custom bikes on and off  for many years and wish I’d done something like this instead of some of the leaky classics I could never get reliable. 

This bandit absolutely screams through the four into nothing, runs ok with pods thanks to Debbens (master tuners) in Ringwood, and handles great for a rigid too. I’m chuffed to bits but it doesn’t get much love at local bike nights and stuff,  such is life.

Seb Brown

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