Used Bike Guide: Triumph Rocket III (2005-2008)



The original Rocket’s not the most obvious choice if you’re looking at more conventional cruisers… but the bad-ass 2.3-litre monster from Triumph has bags of attitude, masses of torque and a whopping rear tyre (which was the biggest on a production bike at the time of its release). That’s all the same core ingredients as the Indian Sport Chief – it’s just delivered in a slightly different package.

Triumph Rocket

It’s not all headline-grabbing figures, though; the Rocket’s proved itself over the years. Sure, you’ll have to put up with slightly harsh suspension and a marginally uncomfortable riding position, but it holds the road well, it stops surprisingly swiftly despite its size thanks to superbike brakes, and it’s pretty happy being hustled, too.

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These bikes also hold their value pretty well, with used bikes depreciating at a similar speed to the notoriously resilient Harley-Davidson range. That means it’d be a good investment as well as being a lovely thing to own and ride.

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