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Roadskin Unveils Upgraded Paranoid Motorcycle Jeans


Roadskin, a leading name in motorcycle safety gear, has announced the release of their newly upgraded Paranoid AAA-rated protective motorcycle jeans. With meticulous re-design and relentless dedication, Roadskin has taken their best-selling armoured jeans to a new level, offering bikers unrivalled protection without compromising comfort.

Roadskin understands the importance of having gear that keeps you safe and provides the utmost comfort during rides. That’s why their team of experts has worked tirelessly to create a hybrid masterpiece that sets a new benchmark in motorcycle jeans.

Paranoid X - AAA-rated armoured motorcycle jeans from Roadskin

Double-layer, but with the comfort of single-layer motorcycle jeans

The upgraded Paranoid motorcycle jeans boast a unique combination of remarkably strong, resilient, and unbelievably comfortable materials. Through extensive research and rigorous testing, Roadskin has handpicked the finest materials with exceptional abrasion resistance and impact protection, ensuring maximum safety on the road. Every inch of these jeans has been reinforced with top-quality stitching, guaranteeing unparalleled durability. Safety is a top priority, and they have left no stone unturned in creating a product that offers uncompromising protection.

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These jeans are designed with advanced technology, featuring a double-layer construction that has been carefully crafted to provide the wearer with maximum protection and comfort. The outer layer of the jeans is made with a Kevlar mix that is both durable and high-performance, while also providing added stretch. Additionally, these jeans come with Level 2 knee and hip armour as standard, ensuring maximum protection for the wearer.

The strategically placed armour provides unmatched security, while the ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort, even during those long rides. With the upgraded Paranoid motorcycle jeans, Roadskin says you can confidently hit the road, knowing you have the best combination of protection and comfort.

“Our goal at Roadskin has always been to provide bikers with gear that instils confidence and peace of mind,” said Ian Wilson, CEO of Roadskin. “Our upgraded Paranoid motorcycle jeans have taken safety to a whole new level. Riders can now experience the ultimate blend of protection and comfort, allowing them to enjoy their rides to the fullest.”

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Paranoid X - AAA-rated armoured motorcycle jeans from Roadskin

Motorcycle Paranoid X- Jeans by Roadskin – Technical details:

  • The same technology for the outer layer as their Taranis Elite
  • Outer layer: 48% Cotton, 26.8% Kevlar, 19.4% Polyester, 3.2% Cordura, 2.6% Lycra
  • Inner Lining: 100% Black Kevlar 
  • Supplied with Level 2 knee and hip armour 
  • The whole of the jeans is AAA-rated – not just the material
  • CE Approved
  • Available in 3 different leg lengths – 30”, 32” & 34”
  • Sizes 30” – 40”

About Roadskin:

Roadskin is a renowned name in the motorcycle safety gear industry, committed to providing high-quality products that offer uncompromising protection and comfort. With a focus on innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship, Roadskin is the go-to brand for bikers worldwide. Check them out at www.roadskin.co.uk

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