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My names Eric, I’ve been lucky enough to be taught on the job how to TIG weld and fabricate stainless and mild steel without having to go to college. I went to college and hated it so dropped out and went for this job.

After a few years in the trade and getting tattooed locally to me I realised my artists were chopper guys and needed a welder. This is where I came in to help with various odds and bobs for their friends like sissy bars and fender mounts, welding on pre cut tabs etc.

The owner of the tattoo shop then told me he was building an EVO chop and would need my help in fair trade for a back piece..(no brainer).

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During helping out he said to me you should get a bike, this got my brain ticking and thought it’d only be right to 1: follow my dad’s footsteps of riding and 2: use my trade knowledge to build something that’s my own.

We then picked up a fully disassembled XS400 with a hole in the bottom of the engine and no clue if it ran. This came with a custom made frame which was used instead of the poorly welded original. So on and so forth I built my first bike which you could say from the images has some easy rider influence… and will be riding my own built chopper next summer after my test is complete. 

Remember just because its not a Harley doesn’t mean it cant be appreciated the same way.

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Eric Griffiths

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