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What if a Honda cub was built in the 60s show bike era! Neon pink, chrome and fully moulded but only 160cc?

This is “Lady Penelope” my fully custom 1979 Honda C90 show chopper.

Fully designed and fabricated at home in the farm shed by myself it’s been stretched, raked out and had all the holes and extra bits filled in on the tub then a one off swingarm with stainless struts was added to the rear as well as a new rear guard welded to the old one to extend the body a bit more. Then a homemade set of 1.5m long ridgid “top fueler” style forks made up for the front end hugging a 2.75 x 21 firestone and a homemade stainless micro spool hub. A wider rim on the original Honda hub at the rear dressed in a fully slick 4.00 x 17 track tyre as a call back to the old show bikes with drag slick rears. 

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Then new pegs mounted above the engine with custom stainless controls a glass door knob jockey shift and foot clutch setup grafted to the new 160cc race tuned pitbike motor with manual clutch. And a skinny stainless trident sissy bar and birdshooter pipe to finish the look.

On the super narrow bars it actually handles really well I’ve even rode it to the trip out show down the a6 (unfortunately I rode it home smoking like a train as a oil line to the cooler failed and puked all the oil across the motorway which resulted in the rings picking up and scoring the bore).

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