Alex Bestwick is a Digital Content Editor with a degree in Publishing and Creative Writing from York St John. When he’s not at work, he is usually reading, watching horror movies, or exploring the countryside.

‘Tracker Tribulations

This Bonnie belonged to one of my best mates, Dave Robbo, for years, and it sat in the corner of his workshop in a part-disassembled condition. He’d bought it in 1984 when it was just two years old, and’d used it to go all over the country to rallies, as well as being a daily ride. He took it off the road to repair an oil leak, but then bought a GS750, and the Bonnie was confined to the corner.

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Merlin Warren cargos

I’ve always preferred combats/cargos to jeans ‘cos… I dunno really, I just have – some people are natural jeans wearers, I’m a natural combats/cargos wearer… it’s the extra pockets, I think, s I rarely remember to bring a bag to put stuff in.

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