Alex Bestwick is a Digital Content Editor with a degree in Publishing and Creative Writing from York St John. When he’s not at work, he is usually reading, watching horror movies, or exploring the countryside. [email protected]

‘Tracker Tribulations

This Bonnie belonged to one of my best mates, Dave Robbo, for years, and it sat in the corner of his workshop in a part-disassembled condition. He’d bought it in 1984 when it was just two years old, and’d used it to go all over the country to rallies, as well as being a daily ride. He took it off the road to repair an oil leak, but then bought a GS750, and the Bonnie was confined to the corner.

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Merlin Warren cargos

I’ve always preferred combats/cargos to jeans ‘cos… I dunno really, I just have – some people are natural jeans wearers, I’m a natural combats/cargos wearer… it’s the extra pockets, I think, s I rarely remember to bring a bag to put stuff in.

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