Midnight Runner ~ the Electric Café Racer

Midnight Runner is a collaboration between Italian electric motorcycle company Energica and Apache Custom Motorcycles, and was an ambitious project to combine two companies apparently very distant from each other. Apache worked on an Energica Eva, the electric streetfighter, and created this new electric café racer called Midnight Runner. This motorcycle

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The Black Douglas Motorcycle Co.

The Black Douglas Motorcycle Co. “Milan to Bristol, Expedition No. 2”, May 2016: the awaited Official Video…. And for 2017, an update of the range and new adventures on the road, and maybe a new Expedition … No. 3?

 Milan, February 2017.  Some figures regarding the Expedition No. 2: a trip on “two wheels”

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Bulldog Bash 2016 Show Winners & RWYB Results

Winners pics from this year’s presentations: (well, I hope so … I had to change camera batteries mid-way and thought I’d missed somebody!) Winners (pics may not be in order) are: Best Chop – John Gibson’s 1949 Pan Shovel, Best Streetfighter – Paul Stolworthy’s Martek Monster Turbo, Best Harley – Grub, Best Trike – Paul

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